How are you?


Do you want to stop addictive patterns but afraid you can't - you have tried and failed before?

Do you wonder how you will cope with cravings?

Do you feel in two minds about stopping addictive patterns?

Do you feel isolated - worried about the risk of family or work finding out?


If the answer is yes then you are not alone - everyone goes through similar feelings at first.


I believe I can help you past those blocks in the road to your life long recovery.


Everyone now in rewarding recovery once felt like you do


Most of my clients say they find the first step to seeking help very hard but feel relieved and positive after their first consultation with me.


Specialising in gambling addiction I believe I understand the particular pitfalls and patterns of recovery. I provide not only tried and tested evidence based therapeutic tools but vast experience of how recovery feels and what practical strategies really work. I have built an excellent reputation for truly understanding addiction, providing an exceptional level of support, guidance and advice. My clients often speak of feeling I am very much on their side.


If you would like a 20 minute telephone conversation with me to help decide if I can help you do please contact me to arrange this. No fee will be charged for this first consultation. 


The two books below are compilations by leading UK and international addiction experts to which I was honoured to be invited to contribute chapters. For details of my three books on gambling addiction in women, please see the page on this website, 'Specialist in Gambling in Women.'


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