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Since 2001 I have worked with gambling addiction in both men and women and have worked within all leading UK gambling addiction treatment agencies. I was a pioneer in recognising gambling addiction in women was very different to gambling addiction in men and that the underlying reasons for the addiction frequently were stress, depression and anxieties from difficult relationships with partners, family and friends. I went on to develop particular therapeutic ways of working with women which have proved highly successful with well over 95% of my clients moving on into rewarding, long-term recovery.


I established the first UK Women's Groups for Gambling Recovery in 2006, have published books and articles on the topic and contributed chapters to books of leading European experts I also provide talks and training and am regularly consulted as a leading expert by practitioners, agencies, and the media including BBC TV and radio, ITV, Sky News.


My area of specialisation is gambling addiction in women, but I also have always worked very well and successfully with men who have gambling addiction issues and so gentlemen if you have a gambling problem you are very welcome to contact me.


Do please telephone or send an email to find out how I might help you.

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