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If you are reading this page and are a woman with a gambling addiction I imagine that rationally you know you need to stop gambling but are struggling with feelings and cravings that pull you to gamble again. I believe that I can help you and have tried and tested ways of helping you to achieve your aim. Years of experience have taught me what really works for women to stop gambling and start living happier and healthier lives. 96% of women I work with successfully stop gambling and remain free from gambling after ending their work with me. I know because lots of them stay in touch with me,  years after they left counselling, to let me know how their lives are going.


I was a UK pioneer in treating gambling addiction in women when, in 2006, as a result of listening to the experiences of my clients I identified that gambling addiction in women was very different to gambling addiction in men. It was then that I established the very first UK women's gambling addiction recovery group. I still run these popular and effective groups as part of my pro bono work. I went on the develop treatment methods based on what I learnt really did help the women I treated for gambling addiction to successfully go beyond using willpower to stop gambling. They stopped gambling because they just didn't want or need to gamble anymore.


The causes of the addiction in women were then, and remain, stress, depression and anxiety triggered by feeling mentally and emotionally overwhelmed by life experiences: particulary those connected to relationships with family, partners and the workplace. Therefore, I believe it to be vital to lifelong recovery not only to stop gambling but for you to understand how to work with yourself to create a happier and healthier life after gambling. My self help book ' Gambling Addiction in Women: Four Weeks to Freedom: A Practical Guide to Recovery' is available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle. This short, easy read is a great way of getting started on recovery by yourself or a valuable accompaniment to our work together. Please see below for images of all 3 of my books.


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