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Through my extensive experience, both within private practice and within leading organisations, I have encountered the whole range of human experience and helped hundreds of people to have happier, healthier lives. As a result I have become known as a leading expert in my field and also a professional writer of books and articles on psychology. I insure that I myself live a very real life including spending time with family, friends and pets and so realise the love and stability and yes sometimes painful difficulties our relationships of all kinds can bring. I believe I am wiser from understanding through therapy my own earlier experiences of my life suddenly being turned upside down; resulting in inner and outer chaos and unhealthy attempts to manage distressing thoughts and feelings. I do practice what I preach and enjoy working on maintaining my now rewarding, well balanced life and relationships. My aim is to bring the benefits from both professional training, extensive practice and personal experience to my therapeutic work with you. These same ingredients have helped the very many others I have worked with over the years.


Biography at a glance:  Liz Karter Advdip MA. Therapist, author, TV & Radio consultant therapist

  • Liz Karter is a highly qualified therapist and counsellor considered a leading UK expert in addiction.Liz is founder and therapist at Level Ground Therapy
  • Treating addiction since 2001 Liz has worked with both men and women within leading UK addiction treatment agencies
  • A Routledge author and professional writer Liz has so far published two books on women and gambling addiction, has also contributed chapters to other books on the topic and regularly writes for psychological articles publications worldwide including The Guardian Newspaper.
  • With an excellent reputation for making sense of addiction in an approachable style Liz is a frequently consulted by media worldwide. Her TV and radio interviews include ITV This Morning, Good Morning Britain, BBC Breakfast News, Sky News, Al Jazeera America and the Victoria Derbyshire Program. Her newsprint interviews including The Independent, The Mail on Sunday and Vogue magazine.
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